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Serving clients since 1989, ASC is headquartered in Falls Church, VA and was purchased by Mike Gillies, a retired Naval officer, in 2008. Designated as a service disabled veteran owned small business, ASC provides security officers throughout Northern Virginia and fire watch standers in Virginia and portions of Maryland.


ASC provides service through a management philosophy of “trust but verify”. Although we only employ officers who have proven trustworthy and reliable through a probationary period, ASC enforces strict and consistent oversight of officers’ performance through electronic tracking, unscheduled site inspections, and frequent quality assurance reviews.

Staff Training

All security officers in Virginia are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and receive training approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Service training academy. The classroom courses include legal rights and responsibilities, arrest,search and seizure, the criminal justice system, and court appearances. General security subjects include fire prevention and suppression, emergency defense procedures, first aid, report writing, and techniques of observation and patrol. Passing a written examination is required for certification, as is refresher training and re-testing every two years.

ASC Security Officers are trained to meet the specific site requirements and receive a thorough briefing on their duties prior to coming on site. Once on site, they receive on-the-job training in accordance with the post orders approved by the client.


Our personnel are well groomed and neatly uniformed. Our uniform includes navy slacks, a blue military-style shirt, black safety shoes or boots. Outerwear includes winter jackets or rain jackets. Officers will display their security credentials as required by DCJS regulations. Each guard will wear a nameplate bearing the guard’s name. The ASC name will appear as a patch on the uniform.

We also provide “suit and tie” officers, as determined by client requirements.

Patrol Tracking System

ASC uses both an electronic wand system and GPS cell phone technology to track guard patrolling activity. The wand system employs small electronic tags that are placed at key areas on the property. Whenever an Officer passes a tag, they scan it with an electronic wand. Details are uploaded to an ASC computer and a Scan Report is generated. Scan Reports include date, time, and specific scan location on the property.

Our GPS cell phone tracking enables real time tracking of officers and enhances security-related reporting of maintenance, integrity of structure and incident reports, as well as enable photos to be taken when appropriate.


A patrol log is created for each shift and that log remains on site. ASC also receives a daily copy and will alert management to situations warranting attention. Our cell phone tracking system incorporates patrol activity reporting.

An Incident Report will be prepared when required by unusual events, such as fire and police activity, utility issues, or other emergencies. When appropriate, officers will call both site management and ASC supervision to notify them of the incident.


ASC meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of Compliance Depot, AIMCO and UDR. We also have an anti-terrorism clause in our coverage, and can modify our coverage to meet client requirements.

Hourly Rates

Our competitive rates naturally vary by client requirements. Considered factors include:

  • Location (Metro accessible or car required)
  • Environment (Guard shack/no facilities/watch standing/uniform)
  • Experience level of officers required (Not all officers are the same.)
  • Mobile patrol versus walking/post duties (Vehicle required or provided)


24/7 Manager on duty: 703-241-8001

Fax: 703-229-6443

200 Little Falls St., Suite 504
Falls Church, VA 22046

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